Pet Scale Performance Is Stable

- Dec 20, 2018-

The pet scale can be used to weigh the animal's weight. The ultra-low weighing platform countertop greatly facilitates the up and down progress of the animal weighing. The pet scale is equipped with four high-performance sensors, a pound body, a junction box and a weighing display instrument. Accurate weighing and stable performance

Pet scale technical parameters:

Power saving (automatically select shutdown time: 120/180/240/300 seconds)

4 keys: switch to zero, unit, peel, keep

Two calibration units: kg/lb

With RS232 interface

Power: Rechargeable battery or 6 AA batteries or 9V 500mA power adapter

Operating temperature and humidity conditions: 5-35oC; 25%~95% RH

Packing: 102.5x68x23 (cm3)

Pet scale preferred features:

1. Double-layer structure full steel weighing platform or adjustment feet at the four corners of the PD frame

2, the junction box is built-in, beautiful and generous

3, using special steel group welding, high strength of the scale body, fully ensure the accuracy

4, flat or patterned steel table top

5, the surface is treated with sandblasted paint, strong anti-corrosion

6. Pet scale can be made of all stainless steel, polished and brushed.

7, AC and DC dual-use instrument, not affected by AC power outage

8, zero, peel, clear, skin, and other functions

9, keyboard settings and correction

10, the automatic conversion of the index value: display accuracy is higher

11, self-diagnosis function: a variety of error message prompts and alarms

12, LED, LCD two display modes are optional