Digital Scales With High Precision

- Dec 18, 2018-

The digital scale is fully automatic and non-contact measuring height, using matrix measurement. The side comes with high precision and fast measurement.

Now hospitals, schools, and especially medical examination centers can achieve the goal of saving manpower and accurate data.

Introduction to digital weight scale

Breaking the traditional lever-type measurement of height. Cleverly measure the height and weight of the ultrasound. The height of the digital weight scale is said to be the weight while the height is measured, and the voice broadcast (can be turned off). Special body sculpting function: You can set a desired weight, after you have weighed, it will automatically compare with the expected value you set, and broadcast the gap. If you also measure the height, the human body reading will automatically compare to the standard weight height and tell if it is within the normal range.

Digital scale features:

Ultrasonic children's scales and children's series of high-weight weight instruments adopt digital display and control instruments. The electromechanical height measurement is combined with the weighing table. The high-measurement poles are made of special aluminum alloy profiles. It is equipped with an evaluation system for physical development of infants and young children. The evaluation criteria are: WHO standard and China's nine-city standard.

The universal standard RS232 interface enables PC micro unit network management. Ultrasonic children's scales, children's series of high-weight instrument precision electronic weighing system, automatic weighing, with peeling, zeroing, calibration, automatic locking weight function.

The main functions and features of the digital scale

1. Ultrasonic matrix height measuring probe with automatic calibration and temperature compensation.

2, high-precision load cell, internal precision of up to 1 / 15000, more suitable for detailed weight processing.

3, high-definition LED digital display, height, weight, BMI body mass index and other values.

4, synchronous voice broadcast, can set the adjusted voice broadcast mode and language, support English, French, Russian, Latin, Arabic and other languages.

5, convenient mobile performance, durable polyurethane high-performance pulley, can bring you a more convenient mobile handling experience.

6, optional printing function, coin-operated function, folding function, blood pressure measurement function, fat rate measurement function.

Digital weight scale main and function:

1. Automatically measure the height and weight of a person after coin insertion.

2. Calculate the standard weight range of the subject, ie the BMI value, according to the internationally accepted scientific method.

3. Automatic measurement and high-speed thermal printing of people's height, weight, (optional increase in blood pressure, heart rate, high pressure and low pressure.

4. Measurement results LED display, printing and voice report.

5. There are colorful flashes on the top of the fuselage, which is very attractive to customers. The lower part of the fuselage can provide customers with advertising paste parts.

6. The machine has its own measurement count accumulation function, and the cumulative number of measurements is divided into batches.

7. Accurate electronic clock, timely temperature display.