Krell Has Acquired A Patent For 4-sensor Electronic Scale Assembly Structure Without Plastic Foot Pad

- Apr 08, 2019-

In the structure design of the 4-sensor electronic scale, a structural design scheme without plastic mat is proposed. The electronic scale designed in this way can be accurately weighed on soft ground (such as carpet floor). Broaden the scenarios in which electronic scales can be applied. The design of the utility model focuses on as below:

1.Solve the problem of the degree of freedom between the upper and lower pressure surfaces between the four sensors (when the four sensors are forcibly fixed between the upper and lower rigid bodies, the four sensors are not equal or the two steel bodies are not parallel) The initial zero value of the four sensors is abnormal. When the pressure is applied, the sensor elastomer is added with the torsion of the rigid body, and is no longer expressed as the output level when the stage is selected, which causes the weighing to be inaccurate

2.In the case of giving a certain degree of freedom to the upper and lower rigid faces, how to overcome the indirect (or direct) contact between the upper and lower rigid faces causes the weighing to be inaccurate. The utility model constructs a pressure-off, elimination-closing structural system, and the system simultaneously has the function of self-correcting alignment of the upper and lower rigid surfaces

patent number: CN 2085959681U