We Will Exhibit Our New Bathroom Weighing Scale With Heart Rate Function At Hongkong Electronic Fair (Spring Edition)

- Apr 10, 2019-

1. Definition of heart rate: 

The heart rate is determined by the energy metabolic, obeys the rules of biological physics. When the body energy is exhausted, life is terminated, and the heart rate is the effective index to reflect the energy of the body. 

2. How to keep an ideal quiet heart rate? 

Exercise is the chief prescription. Although the heart rate is faster during exercise, but appropriate intensity exercise can make .Cardiopulmonary function get effectively exercise, so that to slow down the heart rate to be quite. Quiet heart rate means: When under the condition of sobriety and inactivity, the number of heartbeats per minute is 50-65bpm, that is the sign of a healthy heart and an indicator of longevity. Secondly is to maintain an appropriate weight. Obesity will increase the heart burden and heart rate, so obese people need to maintain the right weight and a healthy life through exercise and diet regulation. 

3. Error Standard of heart rate scale: 

According to the NSI/AAMIEC13:2002 standard, it is correct within 10% or 5bpm (taking the smaller error as the standard) through qualified standard test or given method. The accuracy of present heart-rate scales should be 92.4% (207 / 224 = 0.924) rather than 100%. 

4. Factors that affect heart rate also include:

a. Temperature: when the temperature (and humidity) surge, the heart will pump a little more blood, so your pulse rate may increase, but won’t exceed  5 to 10 bpm per minute generally

b. Posture: Your heart rate is usually the same when rest, sit or stand.. Sometimes, when you stand in the first 15 to 20 seconds, your pulse will be a little higher, but after two minutes it should be lower

c.Emotional status: if you feel stressed, anxious, or "very happy or sad", your heart rate also goes up. 

d.Drug use: Some drugs can block your adrenaline (β-receptor blocker) and slow down your heart rate, while too many thyroid drugs or caffeine will increase it. 

5. Heart rate scale measurement technology principle:

Our technical theory for heart rate scale: The load cell can test the fluctuation of body BCG signal, then transfer the  BCG data to heart rate and display on the scale.As long as people test the weight, they should be able to use heart rate scales to test heart rate, this is the difference & advantage comparing with other electronic scales using ECG to test heart rate.

6. BCG difintion: 

What is BCG: Full name for BCG is Ballistocardiogram, which means the fluctuation of body movement or speed up caused by the heart activity and blood circulation.

7. Patented technology BCG heart rate measurement method accurate measurement results .                         

Test result accuracy rate is more than 90% comparing ECG medical device

 8. Easy to use :

No need to take off shoes or socks. Just standing on scale, you can test your heart rate

9. Health and safety without harm, pregnant women and children can use

Traditional heart rate test is ECG technique through body current. However our BCG is not, it is more safety for Child & Pregnant. 

patent number: TW 1629049