Coffee Scales Create Extraordinary Value

- Dec 15, 2018-

The electronic scale of the coffee scale is used to record the anti-day artifact of the brewing process!

The coffee scale is a smart coffee scale that will make coffee lovers love it. The exterior design is simple and modern, with a one-piece shell, touch buttons, 0.1 g weighing accuracy, and even Bluetooth connection to the mobile app. Watch the coffee brewing by mobile phone, control the time or record the proportion of your favorite coffee beans, and you can join the acaia coffee community through the app, pay attention to coffee makers in various countries and subscribe to the barista's coffee secrets (Brewing Print) They collect coffee beans and pull flowers art photos, make more coffee-loving friends, and specialize in coffee brewing art.

The biggest feature of the coffee scale is that it matches with the smart phone through Bluetooth, so that the data of the opponent's coffee process can be monitored, analyzed, prompted, alerted, saved and shared through a dedicated APP.

For example, the biggest problem I usually practice in hand punching is that the flow rate of the water flow during the water injection process is unstable, and it is easy to fast, sometimes thick and thin, and sometimes even cut off. But through this app, you can record all the data of my brewing process every time, and generate a full-time water flow graph in real time. In this way, when you finish the inspection, which part of the water injection has a problem, you can see the graph at a glance.

This very intuitive data is analyzed for later improvement. This is also one of the most attractive features of this, and I hope to help overcome the flooding difficulties. Of course, in addition to this, there are other functions that can simplify the preparation of the usual coffee brewing experience, allowing you to focus your energy on the brewing process. Moreover, the firmware of the host supports the refresh version upgrade. If a new function is released in the future, it is OK to upgrade the host firmware through the mobile phone. So easy~

With the help of a dedicated APP, several functions can be achieved:

First, immediately know and record the amount of water injection, water injection.

Second, you can set the brewing process at will, multi-stage automatic countdown and alarm reminder.

Third, automatically calculate the proportion of powder water.

Fourth, record the coffee beans used, brewing temperature, grinding degree, flavor and other information, photo archive, to facilitate the search.

There are currently several common hand-made coffee appliances, such as V60, Clever, Chemex, and French Press, which will gradually increase in the future.


1. Touch the button to prevent coffee powder and coffee liquid from entering the body.

2, intelligent switch, more user-friendly time automatic control

3, accuracy to 0.1g

4, stopwatch function (synchronized display with mobile APP software data), divided into 3 working modes: electronic scale mode, stopwatch mode, the first two modes simultaneously working mode

5, the shape is small and compact, but the weighing surface is very large, 6 * 6 inch square

6, stable and durable bottom support

7, environmentally friendly, using rechargeable lithium-ion battery

8, using a powerful computing chip, SM59R16G6

9, weighing surface with insulation board

Therefore, a product that can detonate the world's most high-end people in a short period of time must be because it can create extraordinary value for users.