Bathroom Scales Have A Long Service Life

- Dec 25, 2019-

The bathroom scale is a weighing scale that measures fat, moisture, etc. in addition to weight. At present, there are sensors for measuring the body fat of the materials of the ito film and the electrode sheet.

The principle of the bathroom scale is that the muscle contains more water and other water, which can conduct electricity, and the fat is not conductive. Because the channel conductor of the current in the body is the muscle, the difficulty of passing the current can know the weight of the muscle, and thus the ratio of the body weight can be judged.

1.WIFI transmission, the measurement result is automatically sent to the WeChat public number, which is convenient for users to view anytime and anywhere, and can be shared to friends.

2. The target weight is freely set, and various measurement data (BMI, weight, time) will be presented in real time on the WeChat interface, and the degree of obesity will be visualized through the weight instrument panel.

3. Analyze the trend of body weight change in weeks, months and years by chart time span

4. Intelligent analysis of measurement results, making scientific basis for adjusting health habits

5.LCD backlit display, clear reading, fully closed body, sensor and chip are well protected, strong and shockproof, long service life

The study found that if a certain frequency electrical signal passes through the human body, the fat portion has a higher "impedance" value than the muscle and other tissues of the human body. When a safe, specific frequency electrical signal is passed through the human body, the electrical signal will vary to varying degrees depending on the "impedance" value of the human body.

Principle: The muscles contain more water and other water, which can conduct electricity, while the fat is not conductive. Since the channel conductor of the current in the body is muscle, the weight of the muscle can be known from the difficulty of passing the current, and it can be judged that in the proportion of the body weight, the proportion of the human body with less muscle is higher.

The right health concept: A healthy body lies in the balance of fat in the body. Excessive accumulation of fat is harmful to the body and causes various diseases. Human body fat is an important part of the human body. It has important functions and functions in the human body, such as providing energy, protecting internal organs, maintaining body temperature, assisting in the absorption of water-soluble vitamins, and participating in human metabolic activities. However, too much fat can affect human health, leading to diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, patients with obesity often face distress, such as fear of heat, body shape, and fatigue. Therefore, doctors and experts recommend keeping the size within a certain range. As people's living standards improve, health issues are gaining more and more attention, which also promotes the development of scientific measurement of body composition.