Baby Weighing Scale With High Measurement Accuracy

- Dec 26, 2018-

The baby weighing scale can automatically measure the height and weight of the baby, measure, to determine whether the baby is healthy or not, and provide key indicators; widely used in maternity health centers, physical examination centers and other places;

The baby weighing scale adopts high-precision sensor, automatic shutdown, automatic zero adjustment, automatic memory last weighing value (1kg or more), high measurement accuracy, stable digital display, fast measuring speed, equipped with height measuring ruler, baby growth curve record Table, the new concept of fashion, the process of tracking the baby's Jiankang growth, fully demonstrating the true love of parents and their loved ones. This product is widely used in families, hospitals, maternity and child care stations. Can quickly and quickly assess the development of the baby: baby development, baby obesity prevention, guiding scientific feeding, baby Jiankang evaluation.

Baby weighing scale function:

1, novel, ultra-thin body design, using a new spraying process;

2, 0Kg large weighing design, continuous weighing function, automatic zero return;

3, the third generation of high-quality sensors, only the third and third paragraph calibration, measurement more;

4, 74x30.5mm LCD display;

5, 6mm high strength tempered glass bearing surface;

6, 1 section 3V lithium battery, environmentally friendly and durable;

7, pressure switch technology, switch circuit life extension for a generation, automatic shutdown;

Baby weighing scale main parameters:

Height range: 30-80cm

Height error: ±5mm

Height measurement method: automatic photoelectric measurement

Weight measurement range: 1kg-20kg

Weight measurement error: ±10g

Data display: LED digital display

Data output: RS-232 serial data interface

Data printing: Chinese character thermal printing

Power: AC220V 50HZ

Operating ambient temperature: 15 ° C - 35 * C

Relative ambient humidity: <75%

The whole machine is heavy: 16kg