Animal Weighing Scale Is Easy To Operate And Maintain

- Dec 11, 2018-

The animal weighing scale is composed of 4 high-precision resistance strain gauge load cells and a dynamic weighing display instrument with a single-chip microprocessor, a steel structure weighing platform, a fence, and a sealed waterproof junction box. Weighing small and medium-sized live animals dedicated to livestock farms or meat joint factories to improve work efficiency. The instrument adopts animal mode, the weighing is rapid, the number is intuitive and easy to read, the performance is stable and reliable, the operation and maintenance are simple, the corrosion resistance is convenient, and the washing is convenient. It can automatically remove the debris such as feces on the weighing platform and the error caused by the animal walking when weighing each time, and automatically maintain the zero position.

Animal Weighing Scale Product Range: 0.25T, 0.5, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T

Size: 0.8*0.8-2.5*5m (other special specifications can be customized, optional printer, large screen, software, computer)

Basic configuration: weighing platform, sensor, limit device, junction box, transmission cable, weighing display instrument

Main functions: zero automatic tracking, instrument keyboard calibration, peeling, zero function

Equipped with special animal instruments, even if the animals are active on the scale, it will not affect the weighing accuracy.

Animal weighing scale features:

·Double-layer all-steel weighing platform or adjust the feet at the four corners of the PD frame

·The junction box is built-in and beautiful

·Special steel welding, high strength and sufficient accuracy

·Slab or pattern steel plate top

·The surface is treated with sandblasted paint and has strong anti-corrosion

·Optional with all stainless steel, polished and brushed

· AC and DC instrument, not affected by AC power failure

· Zero, peel, clear, skin, and other functions

·Keyboard setting and correction

·Automatic switching of indexing value: higher display accuracy

· Self-diagnosis function: multiple error message prompts and alarms

·LED, LCD two display modes are optional

Animal weighing scale standard configuration:

1. High-strength integrated weighing platform (optional 304 stainless steel structure)

2, high-precision cantilever beam (presser type) load cell

3, intelligent weighing display

4, plug-in, charging method dual-use, all stainless steel anti-surge junction box

Animal Weighing Scale Optional Accessories:

1, with a printed display instrument

2, large screen display (3 inches, 5 inches, 8 inches any choice)

3, moving wheel, anti-surge power protector, UPS uninterruptible power supply

4, weighing management software