The simplicity and ease of use of the body fat calculator

- Dec 27, 2018-

The Body Fat Calculator is a powerful and practical software for measuring body fat percentage (BMI) calculations, including adult body fat percentage (BMI) calculations and children's body fat percentage (BMI) calculations.

Adults can calculate body weight, body fat rate and disease incidence predictions at the current age level, as well as energy consumption during exercise every day.

The child can calculate the standard weight and height of the child's current age, and can also predict the height of the adult based on the height of the parent. The actual height and weight will be different from the calculated results, but the gap will not be too large.

2.0.0 Optimize internal procedures for more accurate calculations.

Body Mass Index: Here you will learn if you are above healthy weight. ✔ Waist and hip ratio: Here you will learn more about your body, you have more fat in your waist or hips. More people with fat at the waist have more chances to get sick than people have more fat on the hips. ✔ Body fat: Here you will learn how much fat you have in your body and how much your weight is relative to fat.

Straight through to calculate your body has a comprehensive and have the opportunity to avoid future diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other various fat accumulations in your body. With its simplicity and ease of use based on the ideas you know best about your body, you can do more to achieve a healthier, better lifestyle.

The Body Fat Calculator calculates your estimated body fat percentage and BMI based on your height, weight and waist size. The Body Fat Calculator is an application that calculates the most important values to measure your health and shape the right way:

Body Fat Calculator Features: ► Your Body Mass Index (BMI) ► Let your body fat ► Recommended calories, your height, age, amount of activity and ideal weight ► Look for some extra calories or less calories per day Will change your weight ► Learn how to walk, jog or run every day to change your weight ► Use US or metric settings ► Large retina graphics