Pet scale weighing accuracy is high

- Jan 21, 2019-

The pet scale is used to weigh the weight of the animal. The ultra-low weighing platform is used to greatly facilitate the progress of the animal weighing. The pet electronic scale is mainly composed of four high-performance sensors, scale body, junction box and weighing display instrument. Composition, safe landing, accurate and reliable weighing.

Pet scales are suitable for pet hospitals, pet supplies stores, pet foster care centers

High precision sensor.

Automatically zero, peeled.

The weight is ultra-light and the net weight is only 16kg. Easy to move.

Whether it is a mini puppy dog or a large dog breed, you can accurately weigh it. Track the health of each pet's pet.

Stainless steel weighing platform for easy maintenance and direct flushing. Dogs can urinate and urinate. Not afraid of the dog's size will be dirty.

The weighing platform is separated from the display and the 2m wire is lengthened.

Pet scale preferred

Brief introduction: Standard size: 0.6*0.8m, 0.8*0.8m, 0.8*1m, 1*1m, 1*1.2m, 1.2*1.2m, 1.2*1.5m, 1.5*1.5m, 1.5*2.m, 2*2.m, 1.5*3m, 2*3m

Range / division value: 1T / 0.2kg 2T / 0.5kg 3T / 0.5kg 5T / 1kg 10T / 2kg

Pet scale features and features

Auto power off (optional)

Automatic zeroing and peeling

Low voltage prompt

Weight retention function

Large size stainless steel weighing plate

Backlit display

Automatic overload warning 100.15%.

9V/100mah power adapter or 6 AA size 5 batteries

High precision load cell

Large display LCD display 95x33.5mm

Unit: kg/lb unit conversion

Carbon steel scale

Automatic calibration via keyboard

Simple four-button operation

Four sensor solutions