How to weigh a digital weight scale

- Dec 17, 2018-

We are always stimulated by the dazzling numbers above when we jump off the digital scale, so we are increasingly afraid to face the digital scale. It is precisely because of this big joy and sadness in front of the digital weight scale that there are experts who recommend that people who want to lose weight do not often weigh the weight, so as not to affect the effect of weight loss too much. However, a weight-loss campaign for 16,000 slimmers shows that digital scales are the most effective tool to prevent weight gain during weight-loss! Seventy-five percent of the people in this activity lost an average of 15 kilograms and maintained their standard weight, and they all had one thing in common: “Weigh a weight at least every week.”

You see, the digital scales help you to lose weight so obvious. Next, let me take a look at how the digital weight scale can help you lose weight!

First, the simple scale is the most reliable

I heard the sisters around me shouting the slogan "Either thin or dead", can you not sit still anymore? Well, since the digital scale is so useful, then in order to lose weight, the digital scale should also buy the most expensive and most expensive, it must be more effective! --wrong! In fact, those high-end digital scales that cost hundreds of dollars, can show your calorie consumption, fat index, and calorie count, will throw more numbers that you need to worry about. And too many measurement indexes mean more details, letting some insignificant factors influence your judgment. It is recommended to buy an electronic digital scale that knows the basic digital display. It won't give you a lot of inexplicable indexes that bother you, and the error is very small, only about 0.25 kg. Spring balances can deviate due to increased usage time or due to the humidity in the bathroom. Second, the more you call the thinner you are!

Do not doubt that this is true. Studies have shown that people who weigh on the scale every day can lose twice as much weight as those who weigh once a week. Those who can't get on the scale without the scale, who are afraid to see their weight, are often weighing at least 2 kilograms more than the standard body. Weighing every day will remind you from time to time, and it is easy to make timely adjustments to the weight loss program based on changes in body weight. In addition, psychologists have a gratifying discovery that your weight information is completely in your palm. This kind of "intimate" sense of manipulation can enhance women's emotions and enhance self-confidence. However, it should be reminded that there is no practical significance in weighing the scale several times a day. Your weight will change with the changes of many external environments in a day. Factors such as clothing, drinking, and sports will make your weight figures happen. change. Therefore, just scale once a day.

3. When do you weigh?

Call it once a day, when is it best? During the day, your weight will change greatly with the environment, sometimes even up to 2 kg! For example, if you drink water, if you drink a liter of soda and then stand on a digital scale, your weight will increase by about 0.8 kg. And these sodas will be consumed cleanly with the metabolism of the day. So, don't be worried when you see a little bit of weight gain. Think about what you have done before weighing the measurement! It is recommended to get up every morning, and after weighing the bathroom, weigh it on an empty stomach. At this time, the water and food are basically metabolized, which is the lightest moment of the day. Of course, don't compare the weight after getting up in the morning with the weight after dinner. It is best to weigh the same time every day and compare them. This is more accurate.

Fourth, obviously thin, why does the weight change?

If you see that you are obviously slim in the mirror, the waist is getting smaller or wearing a small trousers, but the weight does not drop significantly, don't worry. This just means that you insist on doing exercise and finally get results. The fat in your body is gradually being replaced by muscle. The same weight of fat is about three times the volume of muscle, so you can imagine how much different visual effects will be in a 100-pound body and another 100-pound but tight-fitting person. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a concept that "digital reduction" does not mean "slimming success." The role of digital scales is more to "supervise and compare" their previous situation. If you are slimmer than before because of fitness, but there is no weight loss, don't think that the digital scale is broken!

Five, the digital scale should be placed here

Put the digital scale in a soft carpeted bedroom? --wrong! The bathroom or toilet is the best choice for visiting digital scales. This is not for the convenience of weighing after we go to the toilet, but because the number of the digital scale will not be inaccurate only on the hard and flat ground. Soft carpets or uneven floors can make measurement results inaccurate. Especially soft mats or blankets will absorb a part of your "weight", causing you to "light" the illusion, let you have a happy time. If you suspect that your scale has a problem, you can first find something known weight, such as 5Kg of rice. Of course, if the scale is a little problem, it doesn't matter, just keep measuring it on the same scale. Although the actual results will be biased, at least the trend of weight change is correct!