Food weighing scales are simple and practical

- Jan 25, 2019-

The food weighing scale is a small and simple cash register management software, which can effectively solve the Chinese food, fast food, hot pot restaurant, spicy incense pot, weighing application, fruit shop, tea shop, chain store, western food, coffee and other formats. One-click installation, automatic backup, simple and practical functions.

Food weighing scales can be used in various types of stores, restaurants, fast food, fruit shops, hot pot restaurants and more.

How to use the weighing function:

The first step, when adding goods in the background, there is a weighing attribute option, "non-weighing", "first weighing", "post weighing"

First weighing means that in the fast food mode, click to directly call the electronic scale for automatic weighing, suitable for fruit shop, snack shop, hot pot and other surface weighing mode.

After the weighing is in the Chinese food mode, the customer first picks up the goods, and then weigh the value. It can be electronically weighed or manually entered.

The second step is to enter the “bar counter cash register”. In the Chinese food (dining table) mode, only the “post weighing” attribute will be enabled. After clicking the item, you will have a “heavy” word on the left side of the item, and then the cashier. Double-click the item to modify the quantity. You can enter it manually or click “Electronic Weighing” for automatic weighing input.

If you need to weigh the face immediately, you need to switch to the fast food mode. You can switch to the fast food (temporary) mode by clicking “fast food” above, or set it to “fast food” (long-term) mode in the parameter setting. At this time, the item set to “first weighing” mode will directly call the electronic scale for weighing when clicking. In use, it is recommended to place the product on the electronic scale first to select the item, because the automatic weighing time is only three seconds, in order to improve efficiency.