Fitness watches meet everyone's needs

- Jan 09, 2019-

This is an era of sports fanaticism. No matter what mood you are holding, whether you are walking into the gym or walking into nature, exercise has become a must. And just the training of treadmills or dumbbells can no longer meet the needs of everyone - so a variety of sports have emerged, a more special environment, more challenging sports, more extreme experience, people Really feel the fresh self in every heartbeat. These breakthroughs and challenges require a loyal partner to record and accompany, so that the sport can do more with less. A fitness watch that suits you is such a great choice.

City bike: the most comfortable distance between people and scenery

When shared bikes become ubiquitous, you can start a city trip on a bicycle and go to any place you want to stop at any location. Pick a good evening or morning, carefully plan a route, preferably a boulevard, pass a park, or blow the river along the river. Comfortably flow a little sweat, like a city traveler to see the scenery of the city at your own pace, this is probably the most comfortable way of exercising.

There are a lot of watches for urban travelers, and fitness watches are probably the most practical and fashionable ones. This smart watch incorporates a number of travel-oriented applications, one of which is called the “City Guide” – which contains the world's seven most popular city information, coupled with the smart positioning system of the watch. Real-time indications of recent restaurants, hotels, historical landmarks and tourist attractions. When you want to find a place to rest or find a nearby art gallery on the way to the bike, the app can immediately point you in the direction.

The most versatile fitness watch, heartbeat, distance, heat, these data will be faithfully recorded, driving routes, music lists can be arranged with it. The only thing you need to worry about is to choose the strap that best suits your day's style - the rubber strap is brightly jumped, the woven strap is breathable and wicking - whether you want to be more fashionable or more comfortable, you can find The choice of your choice.

The bezel and dial, the blue is deep and calm and eye-catching. It is equipped with a L633 mechanical watch movement, and the enchanting ocean blue dial is decorated with large Roman numerals and bar-shaped hour markers. The hour, minute and second are displayed, and the date display window is at three o'clock. The timepiece has a stainless steel case with an aluminum bezel that rotates in one direction and a side that protects the crown. The stainless steel bracelet with double-folded folding buckles allows for a small range of fine-tuning when diving. Waterproof to a depth of 30 bar, is the basic quality of professional diving watches.

The initial dial of the mechanical watch, four cases of PVD coating, stainless steel, titanium, and five replaceable straps in rubber or calfskin. Whether it's a sweaty night run or a serious business occasion, just replace the strap and you can easily deal with it.