Fitness tracker records your exercise data

- Dec 29, 2018-

The fitness tracker has built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes, as well as calorie burns and sleep tracking. In addition to these basic functions, we can even measure the height of our stairs, daily food intake, etc., and even some built-in GPS positioning function, which can track motion data more accurately.

The Fitness Tracker is a versatile product that not only records your athletic data, but also locates it in real time via a GPS chip.

In addition, the Electro M400 emphasizes the social properties of the device, and you can also view the route and motion status of other runners through the Polar Flow app. It is reported that the Electro M400 can last up to 24 days with only the timing and motion tracking functions, and the battery life after turning on the GPS positioning function is about 9 hours.

The fitness tracker keeps track of all the activities you might need (except for open water swimming). The optical heart rate sensor can also be seen in the tracker on the wrist. Because it's specifically for the popular outdoor type, you can pair it with Garmin's external sensors, including the chest strap heart rate monitor and the speed and cadence sensor of your bike.

It's also great in terms of battery life - if you don't enable GPS, it can last for six days, and Garmin claims it will use GPS to keep track of you for 13 hours.

The Fitness Tracker monitors the process and height of climbing stairs, and its Workout app lets you accurately track the various ways of indoor and outdoor activities. Like Series 2, the new Apple Watch can also be used in the pool. It tracks your laps and the length of your swim, and the heart rate monitor works well under water. Elsewhere, it now tracks your average walking and rest rate, as well as your recovery time after workout.