Digital scales are very easy to use

- Jan 27, 2019-

As people's living standards improve, everyone's attention to health is more obvious, especially their own weight. Managing your weight is a preliminary understanding of the body. Digital weight scales can help us quickly measure the weight. Only know the weight of the body can respond to your physical condition in a timely manner. If you are underweight, you should add nutrients in time. If you are overweight, you should pay attention to daily exercise. Digital scales are now almost a must-have, so let's take a look at the features of digital scales and how to use them.

The digital weight scale is an intelligent weight measuring instrument. Compared with the traditional pointer weight meter, it has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, lockable display and convenient reading. It is mainly used in the measurement of body weight data in physical fitness tests. It is used for sports, health care, labor, schools and other units to carry out national fitness activities. It is one of the necessary instruments for students' physical fitness testing.

Digital weight scale belongs to the technical field of electronic weighing instruments. The utility model comprises a decorative cover, a nameplate and a button arranged on the upper cover, a sensor and a scale foot mounted on the bottom of the lower cover, a circuit board, a battery case and a liquid crystal panel formed in the cavity formed by the upper and the lower cover, wherein the weight scale is It has a USB socket for plugging in a USB flash drive, and the USB socket is connected to the circuit board. The U disk has a memory program including weighing date, weight curve, BMI, and body fat rate. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable and simple structure, easy manufacture and convenient use and convenient use. When using, insert the USB flash drive into the USB socket, and the user's weight and weighing date are automatically saved into the USB flash drive. Remove the USB flash drive and insert it into the USB socket of the computer with the weighing date, weight curve, BMI, body fat rate memory analysis program that matches the USB flash drive. The computer will automatically enter the health management page to view its weight. Date, weight curve, BMI, body fat rate, etc.

How to use the digital weight scale

1. When weighing, place the scale on a hard, flat surface.

2, when using electronic scales   In order to ensure accuracy, it is best to test whether the power is sufficient before use.

3, in order to avoid affecting the accuracy of weighing, please do not put the scale on the carpet or soft ground, stand on the scale evenly, to maintain the body balance.

4, the feet must be balanced to ensure the accuracy of the values.

5, mechanical health scales The most headache is that the pointer will be biased, need to be adjusted frequently to ensure that the pointer is accurate, it is best to pay attention to adjustment before use.

6, may wish to swing a few times before use.

7. After the scale is stable, the LCD will display the weight measurement value, and the current weight value will appear after the screen value is stable.

8. This machine comes with small wheels that are easy to move, making it easier to use.

9. Packed separately, transported and convenient, taxis, cars can be taken away at any time

8. When the person under test can walk down the scale, and then the LCD monitor returns to zero, the next weight test can be performed.

The use of the digital scale is very simple. As long as the human body stands up, the quantity can be obtained. However, the digital scale needs electronic, otherwise it can't work. Now there are many digital scales that are used for charging, which is faster and more convenient.