Digital kitchen scales enter my life

- Jan 25, 2019-

Reduce the stress of scaling and measuring while cooking, creating your cooking and baking time.

Suitable for any use:

A useful arttec digital scale is used for cooking and baking to control the amount of food. The simple design of the digital kitchen scale is also suitable for other methods, such as: mail size, * size, coffee scales, hair color scales, etc.

* Large 3 kg (6.6 lbs), 1 gram. The Tare function will make it easy to accurately measure the amount of ingredients without the need for a bowl or plate itself. By measuring the added ingredients, no longer being stressed. You can switch the unit's function in grams, ounces, and pounds by pressing the "UNIT" button.

Practical makeup brush:

The Auto Power Off mode feature will help your scale save battery and energy. Includes 2 AAA batteries. Once your new ratio has been delivered, you will be able to use it immediately.

Sweet potato and other chunks

Recipes always require products in pounds, but I will never use digital kitchen scales in the grocery production department. Those things are not designed for short people. This is humiliating. Instead, I bought too many sweet potatoes, went home, held my cat in one hand, and the potatoes in the other, until I decided I didn't measure anything tonight. When the digital kitchen scale entered my life, I did measure my cat, which was 4084.74 grams, but now I can easily measure potatoes and other random-sized block products.

Strange ounce can

I have a canned chickpea in my pantry, because I get a 5 cans of $5. I have seen a 13.4 ounce box? This is a confusing number! Then a recipe will require a very specific amount of chickpeas or beans, and I will do whatever I have. The digital kitchen scale is here! It turns out that the measurements in the recipe are specific, so follow them.

Digital kitchen scales can be weighed and mixed

Have you found an incredible formula, all measurements are metric, so you moved to France and stopped answering all non-essential emails? The once annoying mathematical equation is now better for scones, biscuits, or almond cakes, or whatever, because you will have the most accurate baking soda using digital kitchen scales to measure, even ants sneezing can't take it Throw it away. For me, this applies mainly to pancakes. In grams.

Nuts, dates and chopped things

When recipes need to be measured in cups and gram chopped dates, chocolate, chopped cheese or peanuts, or any choppy things placed in a digital kitchen scale, if your kitchen scale is weighed instead of smashing all dates into measurements Value, you will get a more accurate number of cups, possibly with air bags. One afternoon you might squeeze 30 cashews into a cup, but because of their crazy comma shape, the next one has only 20 cashews. Don't you want the accuracy in life?

Liquid and brine

Everything is fermenting because it is science, which is why I wear goggles around. But for all salt water, not just a month old kimchi, especially Thanksgiving turkey, you can increase the percentage of salt by digital kitchen scale to increase (large turkey) easier: water in the liquid.

When you don't want to wash 1000 dishes

When it comes to pancakes - and any cooking that mixes a lot of things in a bowl, the digital kitchen scale can save you a bunch of dirty dishes when you need 14 different measuring cups and spoons. After throwing the flour into the bowl on the digital kitchen scale, you can use the digital kitchen scale to continue adding ingredients to the top. I thought it wouldn't find the angel's baking soda eyelashes, but it is! The technology is amazing.