Digital baby scale features

- Jan 25, 2019-

The digital baby scale is a kind of high-tech children's physical examination products that is controlled by the microcomputer to automatically and automatically carry out the height and weight of the 3111 and transmit the data through printing. It is suitable for the physical examination of the children of 0-3 years old R, and the scales of the R children will be violent. It has been changed into a baby shape, and the bottom is smooth and stable, which effectively protects the baby's body. The two-way optical voltage rod automatically measures the effect in the measurement, and is safe and stable. It is the first choice for children, maternal and child hospitals for infants and young children.

How to use digital baby scale

After the digital baby scale is turned on, the display stroke, model, software version number, and battery capacity are detected, and the weighing state is entered after the display is completed.

1. Place the digital baby scale on a flat, sturdy table.

2. Rotate the leveling screw so that the level bubble is close to the center of the viewing hole. Turn the lock nut over the entire loose adjustment screw counterclockwise during adjustment. After adjustment, turn the lock nut clockwise.

3. Remove the human body tray of the digital baby scale. After cleaning and disinfecting, align the four screws on the bottom of the tray with the four rubber feet on the digital baby scale and gently press in.

4. Turn on the power. When the power switch is turned on, the green display lights up, indicating that the digital baby scale is powered. When the display number returns to all zeros, the instrument enters a steady state.

5, the human body tray can be padded blankets and other wool fabrics, press the peel button to make the display value is zero.

6. Put the newborn or infant into the weighing pan and read the weight directly from the display.

Digital baby scales use:

1. Use the scale on a hard horizontal floor to prohibit severe vibration;

2. Try to keep your body stable when you are heavy, so as not to affect the weighing value;

3, to keep dry, can not be washed with water;

4. The machine displays “LO”, indicating that the battery is low. Please replace the battery immediately.

5. Contains sensitive electronic components, so the use of high frequency equipment near the scale may interfere with the scale. In the event of a reading error, keep the source of the interference away.

Digital baby scale features:

The product has passed ROSH CE FCC certification

1. 4-digit LED liquid crystal display

2. Automatic zero tracking

3. Automatic power off function

4. Vibration start

5. Continuous weighing

6. Power-on self-test function

7. Power supply: four 5th battery

8. Low battery display, overload display, error display