Coffee weighing scales are extremely convenient to use

- Jan 01, 2019-

Coffee weighing scale concise use tutorial

For hand-washed coffee, a coffee weighing scale is necessary. For more lean coffee extraction, the problem that can be solved with dozens of pieces of equipment is not estimated by experience.

1 Put on the coffee machine, clear

2 Import coffee powder, weigh coffee powder, write down

3 rush into the same amount of water as the coffee powder, soak for 30 seconds

4 coffee weighing scale is cleared again

5 rush out the coffee powder 15 times the weight of the coffee

Drinking coffee has become a new way of life. Every morning, a cup of coffee can not only bring us a steady stream of vitality, but also enhance our thinking ability and work efficiency. However, for hand-washed coffee, it is difficult for ordinary people to make the desired taste within the specified time, especially in the busy morning, but now there is a coffee weighing scale, which may solve this big problem for you.

The coffee weighing scale is extremely convenient to use, the user only needs to place the hand-washed coffee on this machine, and then select the mode you want through the screen, whether it is fast or deep cooking. Secondly, you can choose the type of brewed coffee. VOOM will intelligently select the best cooking time and temperature to provide you with the best taste. Even in the process of hand punching, the water weight can be accurate to 0.1g.

In addition, users can download the VOOM-connected APP for automatic timing, so you can concentrate on other things, and it will automatically remind you when the coffee is finished. And the APP can also record your taste preferences every time, so as to recommend the best coffee brewing method for you, don't miss your favorite friends.