Body fat scale design style is very simple

- Dec 05, 2018-

I always wanted to lose weight. I tried to lose 20 pounds a month, and then I ate only 6 pounds when I ate a big meal. It was very difficult to understand why this was the case. Later, a friend told me that weight loss needs to be reduced. Just weight (water sputum), weight loss needs to focus on reducing fat, only the real loss of excess body fat, the human body can become healthier. So how do you know if your body fat has been lost? For the author of this technology house, this problem is too simple, just get a body fat scale, you can see the daily changes every day.

The body fat scale design style is very simple, the official publicity photo uses a lot of macaron pattern, obviously the product positioning is more targeted at households, especially female users. Matcha green, peach powder, oxygen purple, bubble blue, moonlight white and ocean blue... These colors are also very small and fresh – the little girls are second-like for their appearance, straight men think this moonlight White is very MUJI style.

The body fat scale uses a matte ABS plastic and the electrode piece is 304H stainless steel. There is a logo in the middle of the front, which is relatively low-key. In actual use, it will flash as a cue light.

Four movable scale feet and two safety support feet on the back support. The whole scale is very simple, only one button on the back, recessed design, you can quickly touch the button without turning over.

Use four 7-cell batteries. Keep used a special customized version of your own logo on the battery. The official data is tested 4 times a day, each test time is 30 seconds, and the standby time is about 6 months.

But in addition to the perfect appearance, it may be considered to minimize the footprint, the surface of the body fat scale is not large - 42.5 yards (US9/UK8.5/270mm), which is common to men, is used as an example. Has occupied the entire scale.

The body fat scale is measured using a single-frequency node segment, and only the right limb is measured or the left limb is measured, which is more likely to cause errors. "Now the hospital, including some medical institutions, no longer uses a single frequency to measure, but divides the human body into five segments, and the current passes through the whole body, and the results are measured in five segments." Li Hongyu said, this is why The gym will be tested with multiple stages of electrodes. "This is different from the previous single view of people as a cylinder. Now it is divided into five cylinders. From point to face, the more points, the more complete the shape that can be drawn, and the resulting data is relative. accurate."