Bathroom scales accurately measure body fat

- Dec 21, 2018-

How to use the bathroom scale:

1. When weighing, remember to put the scale on a flat ground and test if the power is sufficient;

2. There is a toggle switch at the bottom of the scale. The measuring unit can choose kg or pound, the kilogram will display “kg”; the pound will display “lb”;

3, in order to avoid affecting the accuracy of weighing, please do not put the scale on the carpet or soft ground, stand on the scale evenly, keep the body balanced, the feet must be balanced to ensure the accuracy of the values;

4, the mechanical health scale is the biggest headache is that the pointer will be biased, need to adjust frequently, to ensure that the pointer is accurate, it is best to pay attention to adjustment before use;

4. After the scale is stable, the LCD monitor will display the weight measurement value, and the current weight value will appear after the screen value is stable;

5. When the person under test can walk down the scale, and then the LCD monitor returns to zero, the next weight test can be performed;

6. When “O-LD” is displayed, it means overload, that is, the weight has exceeded 150kg. When the overload occurs, the person walks down the scale and the scale can resume normal work, and the "O-LD" also follows.

The bathroom scale is based on the above principle, using the electrode piece on the surface of the scale body to contact the user's legs, measuring the body resistance (bio-impedance) through a certain safe current. Then based on the input user data and the measured body resistance, use The formula we have obtained in a wide range of experiments can accurately measure body fat percentage, body moisture percentage, human muscle percentage, bone weight and other body components.