Baby weighing scales are suitable for use in maternal and child health care hospitals

- Dec 27, 2018-

The baby check-up scale adopts the photoelectric baffle measurement method, and will not have the possible influence on the baby due to excessive use of ultrasonic waves. It is suitable for various maternal and child health care hospitals and medical examination centers.

Printed 0-3 year old baby check-up scale comes with imported micro-printer, using photoelectric baffle measurement mode, suitable for various maternity and child hospitals, maternal and child stores and other physical examination sites.

It is suitable for baby scales for 0-3 years old baby. It is equipped with epson micro-printer as standard, and has data processing and printing function, which is more intimate and worry-free.

The bed type weighing table is more effective in protecting the safety of the baby.

User-friendly design, safe and reliable baby check-up products.

Printed 0-3 year old baby checkup scale product information:

Features: photoelectric bezel to measure height, multiple precision sensor weighing, automatic data printing, data connection computer storage, etc.

Printed 0-3 year old baby checkup scale product information:

1. Measurement range:

Height: 300-800mm, graduation value: 5mm

Weight: 1-20kg, graduation value: 0.01kg

2, working voltage: 110V/50HZ-220V/60HZ

3, product weight: 8kg, gross weight: 17.5kg

4, packaging size: 30 * 60 * 100cm

Baby weighing scale

1Using the original imported movement of the United States, the system performance is better;

2 shells use environmentally friendly ABS engineering plastics, safe and non-toxic, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant;

3 scale surface streamlined groove loading surface, so that the baby is more comfortable to weigh;

4Adopting 4 active support points, it can adapt to uneven surface and measure weight more accurately;

5 body sensor adopts elastic anti-skid support design, which can effectively prevent sliding;

6 cartoon animal shape, built-in children's music tips, baby likes, weighing is simpler;

7 is equipped with a height measuring ruler, which is convenient for measuring the height of the baby and recording the baby's growth file.