Automatic function of the bathroom scale

- Jan 02, 2019-

The bathroom scales are stylish, elegantly designed and sturdy tempered glass combines German* advanced technology to give you a bathroom that is more beautiful and accurate.

Automatic function

Automatically turned on, as soon as you step on the bathroom scale, you can read it right away.

Automatic calibration

Automatic shut-down 

Bathroom specifications

1. Measurement range: 18-440lb (8-200kg)

2. Progressive increment is 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg

3. Tempered glass platform size: 35.56cm x 30.48cm (width x length x height)

4. LCD size: 6.99 x 3.28 cm

5. Weight unit: pounds / kg

6. Auto power off: 15 seconds


1. The body weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day. People are lighter when they wake up, moderately during the day, and illuminate again towards the end of the day.

2. This ratio applies to flat, hard surfaces. Measurements affect non-ideal surfaces.

3. After replacing the battery or moving the scale, take some time to calibrate yourself and then measure.

4. This scale is used to measure weights of at least 18 pounds. For lighter objects, we recommend the Etekcity kitchen scale.

Packaging Information: 

1 x Etekcity weight scale

1 User Manual

1 x body measuring tape

2 x1.5V AAA GP batteries