Animal weighing scale system is highly accurate

- Dec 18, 2018-

As an animal slaughtering industry, animal weighing scales have the following characteristics in terms of animal weighing scale requirements:

· The material to be weighed is a living body, and it is a plurality of living bodies, and the animal weighing scale is required to accurately perform weighing in a dynamic situation;

· Such goods are generally excreted and can contaminate animal weighing scales, requiring animal weighing scales to be cleaned frequently without affecting the service life.

In view of the above characteristics, the animal scales that can be used to refer to living animals are specially designed for the slaughtering industry. The SQB special weighing terminal specially developed for the livestock slaughtering industry can effectively eliminate the weighing error caused by the animal walking. To meet the requirements of the slaughter industry, the settlement of incoming goods can be settled accurately and reliably. The system has high accuracy, rapid weighing and stable and reliable operation. It is especially suitable for weighing all kinds of live animals.

The animal weighing scale is a weighing system that automatically weighs animals and is ideal for weighing pigs, sheep, cattle or other livestock.

product features

Only one person is required

Application of electronic damping to weigh animals

Adjustable border to weigh different sizes of livestock

Open top cage can effectively control animal action

Self-closing gates ensure that one animal is weighed at a time

Precise weighing

Animals are likely to jump around when they are weighed by animals, so accurate weighing is a very difficult task. Griffith Elder's livestock weighing system uses electronic damping to allow the animal to be accurately weighed on the scale no matter how large the movement. The load cell has been safely embedded in the cage to protect the animal from injury.

easy to use

The top of the livestock cage is open to facilitate control of the animals. The automatic closing of the gate can be easily operated by one person, and the gate can be locked in the open and closed state, or manually operated by a person.

Adjustable sidebar

The Livestock Scale/Livestock Cage has an optional adjustable sidebar that can be used to weigh livestock of all sizes. The sides of the livestock cage can be made of fully sealed iron to ensure the passage of livestock, or a semi-sealed fence to check the nipple of the animal. A variety of specific requirements can be customized.

Scientific feeding management

Griffith-Elder animal scales are divided into pigs, cattle, sheep and other people who do not understand the variety, dynamic weighing colleagues, weighing data can be connected to the computer to achieve storage and management of the upper computer, animal weighing scale is a large-scale intensive scientific feeding New equipment and new methods of farming.