Activity Tracker collects daily activity data of stored users

- Dec 25, 2018-

The Activity Tracker is an activity tracker that works with the software to collect data about the user's daily activities. The new version of Loop brings the first generation of mobile phone notifications and vibrating reminders. The combination of LED lights on the bracelet acts as a screen. Users can wear this tracker throughout the day, which turns to monitor sleep during the night.

Collect and store daily activity data of users so that users can view them when needed. It is compatible with Bluetooth heart rate sensors and can be added to heart rate data, not all activity trackers can do this.

The activity tracker can monitor distances, steps, sleep patterns, calories burned, and is based on the user's personal information, such as weight, age, and goals. If the user has been sitting for 55 minutes, the bracelet will vibrate to remind the user to get up and running.

The activity tracker bracelet is adjustable and made of soft silicone. Its 38mAh battery can support up to 8 days of continuous tracking. The bracelet is synchronized with the Polar Flow App via Bluetooth. Charging is done via a dedicated USB cable.

Activity Tracker is a very good exercise fitness aid that records the time spent on your exercise, the energy consumed by your exercise, and the ability to track your movements in real time and give you reasonable advice on Google Maps. Depicting your trajectory, very practical exercise aid software

A very easy-to-use workout software helper professional version. The software mainly tracks your movements in real time through GPS and helps you to plan your sports plan properly. It can be said that it is a well-known sports assistant.

This sports aide can run, ride, stroll or take other sports with you. Record your time, interval, speed and altitude in a timely and correct manner. Every 1 km / mile will be given a response, and the movement route can be presented on Google Maps, recording the exercise history and the time used.

Activity Tracker Features:

Instant tracking from time, distance, speed and altitude

Give a voice response every kilometer/mile

Receive personal voice messages from friends

Presenting a sporting route on Google Maps

Complete record of the exercise history and the time playlist

It’s interesting to be able to display tracks on Google Maps.